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We offer a wide range of geospatial services specific to your needs and requirements. We also can assist you in improving your operational strategies with best practices, new technology, and management solutions towards your organization’s goals. When you are ready to start using geospatial technology, our expertise is your advantage. We provide the following consulting services:

  • Total data solutions and acquisition (Land, Air and Space-Borne sensors.)
  • Advanced data processing and analysis.
  • Data integration and digital map output.
  • LandUse and Cartographic mapping.
  • GIS database design.
  • GIS data conversion.
  • GPS field data collection.
  • GIS web-based development.
  • 3600  Panoramic 3D video GIS 
  • Application Development.
  • Project Management.

Our cutting-edge geospatial services and solutions have delivered significant benefits to several leading organizations including government as well as private sectors. Our team of consultants & associates partner consists of members from various countries, with a blend of rich experiences across industries and sectors. This formula enhances the ideas and practices among our clients.

Agriculture Application

  • Plantation Planning and Mapping
  • Tree Counting
  • Precision Farming
  • Crop studies and management


Urban Application

  • Urban growth monitoring
  • Urban town planning
  • Urban Transportation Planning
  • Digital cadastral lot management


3D Model Construction and Analysis

  • 3D Visualization & Rendering
  • Other related analysis such as view shed, slope, aspect, triangulation analysis, and cut & fill.


Natural Hazard and Disaster Management

  • Flood modeling
  • Flood mitigation & risk management
  • Landslide detection & modeling
  • Impact damage assessment


Environmental Monitoring

  • Land-Use and Land-Cover changes
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Land degradation studies


Spatial Network / Route Analysis

  • Police department crime network prevention management and analysis
  • Fire fighters emergency mitigation system
  • Business Location based analysis
  • Vehicle route planning and analysis


Marine and Hydrology Application

  • Coastal & In-Land Water Resources
  • Benthic Mapping (Coral Reefs & etc.)
  • Water pollution and water quality mapping
  • Irrigation and drainage pattern, mapping and analysis


Natural Resources Application

  • Fisheries Application
  • Forestry Application
  • Wetland inventory and management
  • Oil and gas industries



Defense / Intelligent Application

  • Map production, terrain characterization
  • Airfield analysis and intelligence preparation
  • Battle Analysis and Simulation
  • Targeting detection, recognition, and target penetration.
  • Flight simulator


Utility Detection & Mapping

  • Mapping of detection underground utilities and transmission line.
  • Utility relocation design.
  • Pipes and cable location on CAD maps.




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