Remote Sensing (RS)

Some projects require acquisition of information on objects and phenomena at a large scale. Physical survey in such a situation is not an efficient way yet viable option. Remote sensing is a technique that is time and cost effective and that therefore most practical for such projects.

Digdat offers remote sensing services to its clients across the country, utilizing complete value chain of geospatial data from multiple platforms including satellite, airborne, drone and ground observation. Our services and technologies together act as a management decision support tools which is important input for analysis, technique, planning and designing of mapping projects. Simultaneously, Digdat performs in-house research and development to produce innovative and unique solutions for the target vertical markets.

Digdat technical teams have good hands-on experience of using remote sensing software’s like ENVI, Erdas Imagine, PCI Geomatica and etc. In general, our remote sensing services includes in the following:


  • ~Satellite Imagery Acquisition
  • ~Drone/UAVs Data Capture
  • ~Image orthorectification
  • ~Seamless Image Mosaicking
  • ~Image enhancement
  • ~Image classification
  • ~Image Analysis
  • ~Change detection
  • ~Slope aspect analysis
  • ~2D and 3D Digital mapping 
  • ~Multispectral Mapping
  • ~Hyperspectral Mapping
  • ~Thermal Inspection & Mapping
  • ~Automated Feature Extraction (Building Footprint, Tree Counting & etc.)