Located in Beijing, SpaceWill Info Co., Ltd. (‘Space View’) is a leading provider of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information services. The company business covers optical and SAR satellite imagery, data processing, value-added products, software and solutions.
The SuperView constellation, called “16+4+4+X”, is projected to comprise of 16 optical satellites with 0.5m resolution, four higher resolution satellites, four synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites and a fleet of satellites with video and hyper spectral cameras. The first 2 satellites were launched in December 2016 and the second twos were launched in January 2018. More Follow-on Satellites will join the constellation up to 2022, ensuring continuity of Earth Imaging Service for global clients.

Up to now, four Superview-1 satellites are orbiting in space. The Sanyan Institute of Remote Sensing has confirmed the next mission would start in 2019, when it would launch another three optical satellites. 

Superview-1 Bakun Hydro Station is the largest power station in Malaysia