Our cutting-edge geospatial services and solutions has delivered significant benefits to several leading organizations including government as well as private sectors. Our reputation affords us access to the strongest, most authoritative data sets and products in the country, with powerful flow-on benefits for our clients.

Our team of consultants & associates partner consists of members from various countries, with a blend of rich experiences across industries and sectors.

Precision Agriculture

Plantation Planning and Mapping
Automated Tree Counting
Palm oil fruit ripeness application
Species detection and classification
Crop health studies
Early detection of plant disease
Yield monitoring and estimation
Soil characteristic mapping
                                                                                            Irrigation amendment analysis



Environmental Impact Assessment 
Land-Use and Land-Cover changes
Carbon stock assessment
Damage and land degradation assessment
Climate change studies
Wetland and Mangrove mapping


Natural Hazard and Disaster

Flood modeling
Flood mitigation & risk management
Landslide observation
Forest fire detection
Impact damage assessment


Marine and Hydrology

Seafloor, Coastal & In-Land mapping
Benthic Mapping (Coral Reefs & etc.)
Water pollution and water quality mapping
Irrigation and drainage assessment
Water utilities and inventory and operations system

Public Safety

Police department crime network prevention management and analysis
Fire fighters emergency mitigation system
Vehicle route planning and analysis
Search and rescue support system


Natural Resources

Drone stockpile monitoring
Geology mineral detection
Surficial deposit bedrock mapping
Forest inventory and health information
Forest biodiversity mapping
Deforestation monitoring
Solar panel inspection


State and Local Government

Urban town planning
Landscape architecture design
Asset data and management system
Assessment, Tax, and Land Records
Automated feature extraction
Building information modeling
Urban storm water planning and management


Defense / Intelligent

Targeting detection, recognition, and target penetration
Flight simulator support system
Map production, terrain characterization
Airfield analysis and intelligence preparation
Battle Analysis and Simulation